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Darley Heath

Scientific name: Erica darleyensis

Type:Groundcovers evergreen
Plant Requirements
Zone:6 to 8
Sun:Full sun
Plant Characteristics
Height:2 ft
Width:2 ft
Bloom:Winter flowers
Bloom Time:November
Bloom Color:Pink
Additional Characteristics



Wildlife value

Description Darley Heath is an evergreen groundcover bearing bell-shaped pink flowers from November through April which adds sparkle to the Northwest garden during the long days of winter.

Darley Heath was discovered as a chance seedling in Derbyshire England around 1900 and has now gone on to become one of the most grown heaths. At maturity it grows to 2’ tall and can spread to 2’ wide. The foliage consists of needle-like stems which are green to brown during the winter depending upon the cultivar.

The cultivar ‘Mediterranean Pink’ bears rosy-lavender flowers during the winter while the cultivar 'Mediterranean White' bears pure white flowers on green foliage. .

The cultivar 'Kramer's Red' bears red flowers in the spring along with bronze-green foliage.

Winter Heath prefers full sun and a site with good soil drainage. It will survive in alkaline soil but does better when the site is acidic. If the soil is heavy it’s best to incorporate a healthy dose of compost before installing the new Winter Heath planting. Bees find the flowers attractive.

None reported.
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